Kaligo (Brilliant Basics) June 2014

Branding / Logo / Web Design


Kaligo is a travel and loyalty startup focused on simplifying the experience of booking flights and hotels. I worked with them over 3 days to produce a brand identity, logo and responsive web design.

Brand Identity

Logo Exploration

The name 'Kaligo' was chosen as a reference to Caligo Martia — a type of butterfly. The client wanted a symbol that linked back to the airline and travel industry, including connotations of taking flight and climbing or ascending. I designed 8 different logo marks, representing a myriad of themes such as growth, flight and travel. The first logo concept rotated the shape of two aircraft tail fins to form a butterfly. Other logos experimented with the profile of a mountain — representing ascension and growing loyalty points.

Two rotated aircraft tail fins combine to form the shape of a butterfly.
The profile of a mountain alludes to growth, aspiration and ascending loyalty points.
A simplified chevron provides connotations of advancement and elevation.

The Kaligo Butterfly

The chosen logo design is a butterfly formed from map markers and rotated to suggest taking flight and ascension.

The map marker is carefully constructed with the circular cutout space providing proportion and balance.
The logo is rotated 15 degrees anti-clockwise to imply movement and flight.
The final Kaligo logo combined with the company name.

Loading Animation

The client requested a bespoke loading spinner to be displayed when a user submits a travel search. The brief was to create a short loop whereby the map marker animates into the Kaligo logo. The result was a seamless 1 second loop, created by animating keyframes in After Effects and rendered as either a PNG sequence or a GIF file.

The final loading spinner loop created in After Effects.
A screenshot from After Effects depicting various layers in the timelines.