Haberdash (Brilliant Basics) October 2013

Branding / UX / UI Design


Haberdash is a print-on-demand platform for fabric products — allowing people to use their photos to customise printed products such as cushions and scarves. The goal was to create a straightforward user experience, culminating in high quality personalised products.


A fundamental objective when designing and building Haberdash was to provide a highly intuitive interface for uploading and editing images. Users also needed to navigate effortlessly between different photo sources such as Facebook and Instagram, whilst being able to quickly return to their editing canvas.

The User Interface

I settled on a design which allowed the user to edit their photo composition by dragging and dropping tiles on a cushion mockup, thus enabling clear and natural interaction patterns for the user.

There were many challenges in providing pinch and zoom interactions on smaller devices and several proposals were prototyped and tested for user feedback. Extra options such as image filters could be accessed via a contextual popover menu when the user 'long pressed' on a particular image.

Beyond Mobile

After designing mobile apps for Haberdash, we turned our attention to the tablet and desktop experiences. On larger devices, we could afford to present more of the UI and surface rich editing tools alongside the photo composition.