iOS X Concept

Advanced Control Center

A concept to show how Control Center in iOS can be improved to allow for greater customisation of hardware toggles and app shortcuts. Other improvements also include the integration of 3D Touch for extra options and a new system-wide dark mode.

Adding more functionality and customisation to Control Center

Control Center was introduced with iOS 7 in 2013, since then, it has benefited from minor visual tweaks and the recent inclusion of a Night Shift toggle with iOS 9.3. In future updates, it would be great to see Control Center gain more hardware and system toggles, along with the ability for users to customise which toggles they require and where they are positioned. An enhanced Control Center could also add support for 3D Touch for additional options and introduce a new system-wide dark mode.

Rearrange Toggles

Repositioning Toggles so That Frequently Used Controls Are Always Easy to Find.

A user could long press on toggles to enter edit mode. The toggles would ‘jiggle’ in a familiar behaviour already seen when editing app icons on the home screen. Toggles can then be lifted and dragged into a new position.

Substitute Toggles

Replacing Unneeded Toggles with More Helpful Functions.

Whilst in edit mode, a user could tap on the substitute toggle icon, this would present a new modal whereby additional hardware and system toggles alongside extra app shortcuts can be selected as suitable replacements. New toggles could include Low Power Mode, Personal Hotspot, Cellular Data and Location Services. Users could also add application shortcuts to compliment the existing Camera, Timer and Calculator functions, these could comprise of a link to the Settings app, marking a location, getting directions or starting a new note for example.

An important factor to consider when implementing additional services is that Control Center can be accessed from the Lock Screen. It would be imperative to require user authentication with a passcode or Touch ID if the particular action, such as opening the Notes app for example, could expose potentially personal information about the user.

3D Touch Integration

Adding Quick Actions to Toggles with a Single Press.

3D Touch was introduced in 2015 with the iPhone 6S and rolled out system-wide to enable shortcuts to many frequently used actions. Control Center could benefit from 3D Touch by allowing users to quickly access additional options from the contextual menu for a specific toggle.

Dark Mode

Customising the Appearance of Control Center and iOS with a System Dark Mode.

A commonly requested feature for iOS is a system dark mode. Control Center could also inherit this theme if it were to be implemented.